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Our understanding of dentistry is aimed at meeting the needs of our patients, who need fast, effective and personalized solutions to the maximum, responding to the highest expectations. In our center, we combine our efforts to seek the best possible treatment for each of our patients using the most advanced technologies, with the close and personalized treatment that has always characterized us. All the dentists that are part of our team are university specialists in the different areas of dentistry, with the medical direction of Dr. José Luis Cano, in charge of coordinating all the specialties.

One of the main premises of our medical team is to avoid the transmission of direct and crossed infections in our daily work. We have a sterilization area with state-of-the-art class B autoclaves, we use the largest amount of disposable material, as well as regular bacteriological inspections that continuously indicate the degree of asepsis in our center. For us the priority is the treatment with the patient our goal the excellence…

The team of Dr. Jose Luis Cano Clinic

Dr. Jose Luis Cano
Dr. Jose Luis CanoDental implants
Dra. Esperanza Lanza
Dra. Esperanza LanzaPeriodontist
Dra. Marta Granero
Dra. Marta GraneroEndodontist
Dra. Sandra Montaño
Dra. Sandra MontañoOrthodontist
Miriam Moreno
Miriam MorenoHygienist
Ana Martínez
Ana MartínezReceptionist
Teresa Ferrer
Teresa FerrerAtt. to the patient
Alba Ludeña
Alba LudeñaAuxiliar

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