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In many sports activities, an oral protector has been increasingly used to prevent injuries to the teeth and jaws, especially in high-risk sports and contact sports. The sports mouthguard is a flexible intraoral device that not only protects our teeth, but also the bones, lips, tongue and temporo-mandibular joint of possible traumas.


Protector bucal en odontología deportiva Murcia

In fact, today they are becoming an essential protection to practice sports in the professional field such as:

  • Boxing mouth guard
  • Rugby mouth guard
  • Basketball mouth guard, etc.

In addition, it is advisable to use mouth guards in the case of orthodontic brackets to avoid cuts or if you use some type of prosthesis or bridges. This mouth protection is made of the best quality thermoplastic polymer. It is a soft and flexible material that absorbs impacts and reduces the damage that can occur as a result of blows.

Mouth guard, existing models

Today we can find up to 3 different models of mouth guards in the market. Here we detail them more in depth.

Protectores bucales Murcia modelos existentes

Standard non-adaptable mouth guards or Common protectors

These are prefabricated models that are ready to be used. They have standard stockings, so they do not adapt correctly to the mouth. They are very bulky and can become difficult to breathe and speech. Its biggest advantage, its low cost and that can be found in sports stores or pharmacies.

Adaptable or modeled mouthguards

Those of this range adapt to a certain extent to the mouth. Before using them, they are boiled to soften them and then placed in the mouth and bite to give them some shape and adapt them to the measurements of the teeth.

Although they are better than common protectors, they can also make speech or breathing difficult. You can find them in pharmacies and in some sports stores, such as the Decathlon mouth guard.

Custom protectors

They are the mouth guards made by the Dentist. They are manufactured with thermoplastic materials from an exact mold of the patient’s mouth. They adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the mouth, being more comfortable and without complicating anything. Nor do they fall, thus offering greater protection.

This kind of mouth guard is available in different colors or can be transparent. By their own characteristics they are those that offer a more effective protection against the traumatisms. Not for nothing are the most used by professional athletes.

Que protector bucal Murcia utilizar

What dental protector to use

The type of mouthguard to be used will depend on the sport that is practiced at all times, but it must always fulfill some essential characteristics such as these:

  • Elasticity
  • Resistance
  • Comfort

Although it is more expensive, the best option is always the protector made to measure, since it adapts perfectly to the teeth and gums of each person.

How are custom mouthguards

The protectors can be made unimaxillary or bimaxillary to cover the upper, lower or both teeth. There is also a type of dental protection that is placed on the upper teeth and its external shape corresponds to the occlusal face of the lower teeth. All this makes the bite fit better for greater protection.

With regard to color, custom mouth guards are either transparent or in various colors. Even a single protector can carry several colors that represent, for example, a flag or a sports team.

Protector bucal Murcia y su limpieza

How to clean a dental protector

For a proper cleaning of a mouth guard is to sanitize it under tap water and with neutral soap. The brush can be any toothbrush, although there are also special brushes for sanitizing dental prostheses that are very useful.

Dental prosthesis or denture cleaning tablets can be used at the same time. It is very important that it is sanitized when it is introduced into the mouth and when it is removed from it before storage.

How long does a mouth guard lasts

It is advisable to always renew any type of dental protection every year or when the sports season ends. With the use and the passage of time the dental protectors wear out and lose their original effectiveness.

In any case, this will always depend on how much is used. For example, professional athletes usually change them every 6 months. In the case of children and adolescents, it is important to replace them since the mouth and teeth are still in full development.

So now you know that at our Jose Luis Cano Clinic we offer the best Murcia Sports Dentistry of the moment. Come and see our facilities now!

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