Periodontics what is it

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Periodontics is the specialty that is responsible for treating the diseases of our gums, caused mainly by bacterial plaque. In addition, they affect the tissues that surround and hold the teeth, called the periodontium.

Periodontal disease treatment

As we have discussed periodontics, we could say that it encompasses everything related to periodontal diseases. These types of diseases are really pathologies that directly affect the periodontium and are usually caused by all types of bacteria.

Let’s see in more depth what kind of diseases are these and the best way to treat them. In our Murcia Jose Luis Cano Clinic we have a solution for them.

Treatment for gingivitis

Periodoncia en Clinica Murcia

Gingivitis is a type of superficial infection of the gum, causing a reversible inflammatory process. Bleeding is your main warning signal. And if not treated properly can lead to periodontitis.

If gingivitis is maintained for a long time and other factors such as genetic, local or environmental occur, what is known as periodontitis or pyorrhea is initiated. In addition, inflammation of the gum also produces a deeper destruction that affects the other tissues of the periodontium. That is, both the alveolar bone, as well as the cement of the tooth and the periodontal ligament.

This destruction is irreversible, in addition to that it favors the additional progression of the disease. A space is created underneath the gum that in Periodontics Murcia we call a periodontal pocket, in which every time more bacteria accumulate that can endanger the survival of your teeth.

Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontitis tratamiento en Clinica Dental Murcia

If you wonder what periodontitis is, we tell you that it is a deep infection of the gum and the rest of the tissues that hold the tooth. It can cause tooth loss and directly affect your overall health. Makes cardiovascular, diabetic or premature births more likely.

Periodontal diseases usually do not cause any pain or intense discomfort, which is why they often go unnoticed by the patient. The most frequent symptom is bleeding, either spontaneously or during tooth brushing. Although there are also cases of smoking patients where these symptoms of periodontitis are less evident.

Pus can even appear on the gum, bad taste in the mouth, halitosis, redness and retraction of the gums. In addition, it promotes the appearance of spaces between the teeth or changes of position in them, hypersensitivity (especially to the cold) and increased mobility.

In any case, the diagnosis of certainty can only be done by a dentist such as our Murcia Periodontics. Using a meter that we call a probe, it is evaluated if the periodontal tissues are superficially inflamed (giving rise to gingivitis) and if there has been a loss of supporting tissues (or periodontitis).

If you have any of the problems described above, come to Murcia Dental Clinic Jose Luis Cano we will solve this quickly


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