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The oral surgery is the part of the Dentistry that is in charge of treating the alterations or pathologies of the oral mucosa, the frenillos, the benign cysts, as well as the extraction of parts included or retained as the wisdom teeth.

The extraction of third molars is the most common surgical practice in the world of oral surgery. His most frequent indications are, among others:

  • Lack of space in the jaw for proper eruption.
  • Incorrect orientation of the same, which can damage the adjacent parts or cause even dental crowding.

As a general rule, during an oral surgery anesthesia is used and it is a non-ambulatory intervention. It is true that there are certain occasions when it is necessary to perform all these procedures using general anesthesia in the operating room.

What is Pericoronaritis?

Periocoronaritis en Cirugia Bucal Murcia

It is the inflammation of the gum around the crown of the molar produced by an incomplete eruption of the same. Normally, it is a pathology that is repeated periodically until the extraction of said piece is not performed. The gum will have a reddish and painful appearance that usually comes together with infections generated by certain bacteria that come into contact with the oral cavity.

The submandibular lymph nodes may even be affected at the same time. These will be painful at the same time pus will appear at the moment of touching one of the affected gums.

Postoperative of the Oral Surgery

The postoperative period of this type of dental treatment will always depend on the type of surgery performed, so it will be the surgeon who establishes the postoperative period or the duration of the same in each specific case. The extraction of the so-called wisdom teeth will produce a clear swelling after the intervention.

This inflammation may be very little or moderate and usually disappears within a couple of days. The dentist will advise the patient to follow a diet of soft foods during these days. In addition, a few hours after performing an oral surgery it is advisable to place ice on the affected area.

Also important is not to brush too violently within 24 hours of dental surgery.

Cuando hay que extraer las muelas del juicio con cirugia bucal Murcia

When it is convenient to remove wisdom teeth

The best time to extract a third molar is at the moment that there is no type of discomfort. At Murcia Dental Clinic we carry out an exhaustive clinical examination and evaluate all the complementary tests to have all the data on the table.

The extraction of wisdom teeth is usually easier in young patients, since the roots do not become fully formed and the bone is less dense than in more adult people.

In case you require another type of treatment, at Jose Luis Cano we offer the following oral treatments:

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