How to take care of your teeth in summer

How to take care of your teeth in summer

Very good dear reader these days already of intense heat. You can see that we are already immersed in the summer and for that reason we want to talk to you today about how to take care of your teeth during the summer.

Maybe you are already in full vacation after a hard year of work. And on holiday we usually forget about all the routines that we carry out throughout the year. But we can not overlook our dental health under any circumstances.

Salud dental durante el verano

So take very good note of the tips that we will give you below and enjoy a healthy smile also during the summer.

Important aspects for your oral health during the summer

During the summer we sweat the fat drop, we know that you know it well. And to cool off because of the high temperatures we usually drink cold drinks or ice cream for example.

Keep in mind that they are drinks and breaths that are rich in sugars of all kinds, so that your teeth can suffer the appearance of the dreaded cavities.

Salud dental durante el verano bebidas azucaradas

For this reason, it is essential that you brush properly after eating ice cream or sugary soft drinks. In addition, using dental floss and mouth rinses after brushing will do nothing but safeguard your teeth.

Likewise, it is now when swimming pools are used more than ever, own or communal. Well, you should know that chlorine can even stain the enamel of our teeth. That is why we recommend that when you take a bath, do not do it with your mouth open.

And it is that to treat the water of the pools are used different products of chemical type that, in contact with the chlorine, they cause that the pH of the water can rise considerably, getting to be even superior to our own saliva.

Salud dental durante el verano piscinas y cloro

For this reason, the proteins that are present in our saliva can decompose very quickly, forming tartar in our teeth and attacking the tooth enamel.

Sunbathing can also affect our lips. Basically because it is one of the areas of our body where the melanin indexes are lower and we run the risk of suffering some type of burn.

That is why we advise you to use cocoa lip balms that you can find in any supermarket today and thus protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Careful with certain water sports as it can happen with diving, due to the drop in pressure once we dive into the water.

Especially for those people who suffer from some type of periodontal disease, so be very careful with it.

Also during the summer season it is highly necessary to always stay well hydrated.

Salud dental durante el verano mantenerse hidratado

And not only that, with the heat and sweating our mouth tends to dry out excessively, so it is a factor that causes bacteria to attack our mouth more easily.

For this reason, we advise you to drink more than 2 liters a day to keep your body and mouth well fresh and hydrated.

Pay attention also to the smallest of the house. They are on vacation and are always active and love to play both on the beach and in the pool.

For this reason, they are at greater risk of being able to suffer a blow or contusion that can affect their teeth. So he controls the little ones so that they do not suffer any type of dental fracture.

As you can see, they are a series of really simple tips that do not cost any effort to carry them out. You can enjoy summer and almost perfect oral health.

And if you have any kind of problem, you can always resort to make an appointment at our Murcia Dental Clinic.


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