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If you are wondering what is a root canal or how much it costs, or maybe you wonder if it hurts or how is a root canal step by step come see us. Well, at our Murcia Dental Clinic we offer the best endodontics to put an immediate solution to your problems. An endodontics is responsible for solving problems in the teeth that have affected the pulp.

The main reason for consulting Dental Clinics is precisely dental pain, caused in many cases by the involvement of the dental pulp or nerve. With our endodontic treatment we eliminate the pulp tissue when it is affected. Then we disinfect the inside of the tooth and fill it with a filling material to prevent the bacteria from re-infecting it.

How a root canal is done step by step

With our endodontics step by step we will show you the whole process that this type of dental treatment entails and solve your doubts. Endodontics involves a series of phases that are carried out in subsequent visits of the patient. These will always vary depending on each specific case.

First of all, a hole will be made in the crown if premolars or molars are affected; or in the back for the previous dental pieces. Subsequently, we proceed to remove the pulp through a pulpectomy and clean well the affected area. Then we enlarge the pulp chamber, giving shape to the root ducts at the same time. To complete this phase we fill them.

Como se hace endodoncia paso por paso

For patients who require subsequent visits, we proceed in another step to directly restore the crown and its opening, thus protecting the tooth and keeping it intact until the next consultation.

The next step of the Endodontics step by step will be to suppress the material used previously and we definitively restore both the root canal and the pulp chamber. Next we insert rubber and cone-shaped materials into each conduit and seal it. Depending on the particular case, a rod that performs the function of support in the root canal may also be required in this phase.

The final step for a correct endodontics will be to place the crown directly on the tooth directly, thus restoring its natural appearance.

Dolor despues de una endodoncia

Pain after a root canal

One of the questions that many people often ask is whether there is pain after a root canal. Regarding this we must say that it is normal that there is always some kind of discomfort in the mouth once it has undergone endodontics. Basically, this is because the patient must have his mouth open for a long period of time.


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