Very good again, today we are here to talk about dentures, what they are, what types are there, their benefits and how to keep them clean and perfect like the first day. If you need to know more about this kind of dentures, here you will be able to find all the information you need.

These dentures are removable prostheses whose function is to replace the dental pieces that the patient may have lost for different reasons.

These prostheses can be removed both at night when we go to sleep, as well as for a proper cleaning and hygiene of them.

Thanks to these prostheses the patient manages to recover his teeth and his smile, thus improving facial and functional aesthetics. In addition, you should bear in mind that when teeth are missing in the mouth, the facial muscles also tend to fall, so that the person can come to seem older than it really is.

These dentures are a fantastic solution depending on the individual needs of each person, as are dental implants.

Dentadura postiza tipos


Types of dentures

Within this class of dental prostheses we can differentiate up to 3 large groups of dentures, which we will go on to detail more in depth.


They are also known by the common name of complete dentures and can only be used by people who lack teeth completely. These removable prostheses are held in their upper part thanks to the vacuum effect that is generated between the palate of the person and the denture itself.

On the other hand, to hold these prosthesis in its lower part is somewhat more cumbersome. Basically, this is because there is not much jaw bone left to lean on and because the tongue tends to cause the prosthesis to rise and not be fixed.

Mucodent supported prostheses

Dentadura postiza Prótesis Mucodentosoportadas

Also known as removable metal prostheses, they are used when the patient has not lost any and all of their teeth. These dentures are placed on the gums, and the teeth serve to achieve greater stability to the prosthesis.

Therefore, they are much more stable than full dentures. Of course, we must bear in mind that, with the passage of time, those teeth that support this type of dental prosthesis tend to lose their appearance and wear.

To this we must also add that maxillary bone mass is lost, basically due to the pressure to which it is subjected when using this kind of false teeth.

Implant-supported prostheses

Dentadura postiza Prótesis Implantosoportadas

As we have seen previously, when the patient lacks teeth there are certain dentures that are not usually too stable and tend to dance in the person’s mouth.

For these specific cases there are alternatives, such as the placement of a certain number of implants for the prosthesis to settle on these, which makes the denture is much more fixed.

Add that we can also find different kinds of anchors on these implants.

How to clean these dentures

Como limpiar tu dentadura

For proper hygiene it is important to remove the prosthesis after each meal and brush our teeth with dedication.

For the cleaning of the prosthesis we will use a nail brush or toothbrush that we will use exclusively for the cleaning of this and as a cleaning product we can use bath soap or dishwasher, we will not use toothpaste since the prosthesis is made with resin.

There are also effervescent tablets where you submerge in water and put the prosthesis for a few minutes to eliminate bacteria and germs.

How long does a denture lasts

The duration of these dentures varies depending on the type and each patient. As a rule, the tissue of our mouth and where these prostheses settle will change over the years, so the denture should be readjusted at the same time.