Do you have inflamed gums? Maybe they hurt you too much? You may have tartar or plaque just below your gums and you did not even know it, you did not even notice. Today we come to talk to you about a type of treatment for the gum, known as dental curettage or curettage.

If you have any of these symptoms, keep reading and we will tell you everything you have to do to overcome it.

Curetaje raspado dental

What is dental curettage?

This scraping or smoothing is a periodontal treatment whose objective is to eliminate all the accumulation of bacterial plaque and subgingival calculus that is just below our gums.

The first symptom is bleeding and gum pain, also known as gingivitis, which if not resolved, will continue to inflame gums, increasingly affecting the roots of the teeth. This has as a consequence that they begin to form what is known as periodontal pockets or pyorrhea.

En que consiste el curetaje o raspado dental

In this situation the bacteria continue to roam at ease and causing major problems, directly affecting the structure of the pieces that is responsible for keeping the tooth subject.

Therefore, the first thing that is done is to clean all that area, undoing and eliminating all those bacteria with a dental scraping.

In case a curettage is not carried out in time, there is the last risk of losing the affected tooth.

Is this dental treatment painful?

Curettage is a type of cleaning that is much deeper than a normal oral cleaning, so it is quite simple that the patient may suffer discomfort during the realization of it.

Obviously this “pain” will always be based on the sensitivity of each patient.

The dentist usually applies local anesthesia to perform the scraping. Anyway, any possible annoyance will disappear definitively a few days later.

Tratamiento para curetaje o raspado dental

On the other hand, a dental prophylaxis, popularly known as cleaning, is performed through ultrasound, using in some cases some bicarbonate to eliminate any possible plaque or tartar incrustation.

This procedure is carried out without going as far as to perform a dental curettage.

The best, a good prevention

As we have always defended in Murcia Dental Clinic, the most effective way to have a healthy mouth is to take a strict and continuous dental hygiene. Brushing 2-3 times a day, using dental floss or irrigators, as well as some type of parlor will help us and much without a doubt.

Prevencion curetaje raspado dental

If you have any type of problem in the gums, you have irritated or inflamed or you bleed when you brush or even when you eat, it is an unambiguous sign that there is a serious problem in the mouth.

And as you know, it’s better to get it on time before it can get complicated. If you have any questions, get in touch with us and we will give you a solution.