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Today and more and more people take maximum care of their physical appearance and like to show off a beautiful smile. This is where Murcia Dental Esthetics comes into play, a dental treatment designed to have perfect teeth and white teeth.

In fact, recent studies carried out by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reveals that 80% of the respondents found that the most important feature in which they were fixed when they met a person was in their smile. So if you also want to show off an ideal and perfect smile, come to our Dental Aesthetic Clinic and we will solve it.

Dental Aesthethics, why is it necessary?

There are different aspects for which people lose teeth, we begin to see dental stains or the simple fact that our teeth are not well aligned. Increase our self-esteem, improve our personal and professional relationships as well as many other positive feelings brings with it the dental aesthetics today.

We at Murcia Dental Clinic use all kinds of techniques and procedures so that each and every one of our patients can wear an ideal and more than perfect smile.

Tratamientos de estetica dental Murcia

Dental treatments for dental aesthetics in Murcia

In our Jose Luis Rueda Clinic we have different kinds of Dental Aesthetic treatments designed to cover all the needs of each of our patients. Let’s see them a little more in depth below.

Teeth whitening in Murcia

Teeth whitening is one of the types of dental aesthetic treatment Murcia that we practice in our clinic. It is a method that is applied on the teeth and that eliminates all the dental stains that have accumulated in the teeth, both intrinsic and extrinsic. The drawback is that the results we get are not definitive, so every so often you have to repeat it.

Closing dental spaces

The closures of diastemas are made with Composite and are based on closing all these spaces. With this we not only help with dental aesthetics but also with hygiene, since this way we will avoid that the remains of food are trapped.


This is a very conservative cosmetic treatment, hardly invasive, not painful and with an important aesthetic potential. In fact, today is one of the most used dental treatments in dental aesthetics Murcia. With this we manage to match both the color and small malpositions, asymmetries and dental breaks in a definite way and in a short space of time.

Periodoncia Murcia

Cosmetic periodontics or coronary lengthening

When we analyze a smile, both white aesthetics (amount of tooth that is exposed) and pink aesthetics (amount of gum) are as important. For this it is more than fundamental that there is proportion and symmetry between the teeth and the gums. With a simple technique such as Cosmetic Periodontics or coronary lengthening we can achieve a harmonious and beautiful smile.


At Clínica Jose Luis Cano we offer the best services to take care of your oral health such as the following:

  • Dental implants
  • Periodontics treatment
  • Pain after a root canal
  • Care of the teeth in pregnancy
  • Dental surgery
  • How to take care of your teeth in sport

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