January 2019

Dental scraping

Do you have inflamed gums? Maybe they hurt you too much? You may have tartar or plaque just below your gums and you did not even know it, you did not even notice. Today we come to talk to you about a type of treatment for the gum, known as dental curettage or curettage. If [...]


Very good again, today we are here to talk about dentures, what they are, what types are there, their benefits and how to keep them clean and perfect like the first day. If you need to know more about this kind of dentures, here you will be able to find all the information you need. [...]

Dental phlegmon

If you have ever suffered from dental phlegmon or have not yet suffered, it is convenient to read the article that we bring you today. And today we come to talk to you about abscesses, another way with which phlegmon is known or that inflammation that appears in one part of the mouth. If [...]


Today we are here to talk to you about the separated teeth, also known as the diastema. Basically, it is known as the physical space that exists between two adjacent teeth. Usually this situation occurs very usually when we are younger or during adolescence, but already in adulthood it usually causes more than one aesthetic [...]

Bleeding gums

Dear reader, today we want to deal with an issue that increasingly affects more people, and is nothing but bleeding gums. Surely it has happened to you sometime, that you are brushing your teeth and seeing how the gums bleed. Today we want to shed more light on this type of ailment that is [...]

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