Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums

Dear reader, today we want to deal with an issue that increasingly affects more people, and is nothing but bleeding gums. Surely it has happened to you sometime, that you are brushing your teeth and seeing how the gums bleed.

Sangrado de encías

Today we want to shed more light on this type of ailment that is usually synonymous with suffering from gingivitis.

If your gums bleed when you eat, while you sleep or when you brush your teeth daily, it is better to continue reading this article that we bring to you today in our Blog.

Why do gums bleed

The reasons why this type of bleeding occurs are very diverse. Yes it is true that the most common situation is due to suffer some type of periodontal disease, ie gingivitis or its more advanced stage, periodontitis.

All this is usually motivated by not wearing proper and necessary oral hygiene, so that tartar and plaque build up. Even for brushing too aggressively can become a reason that the gums may bleed.

Por qué sangran las encías

But apart from what we have just commented, there are different causes that can cause the appearance of blood, such as those described below:

  • Deficiency in vitamin C

  • Having some type of bleeding disorder

  • The different changes that a woman suffers when she is in a state

  • Having leukemia

  • Lead a stressful life

  • Suffering from some type of heart disease

  • The grinding of teeth or brusqueness

  • Wear some type of dental prosthesis that does not adapt correctly

There are also problems related to the gums in those people who are smokers.

The best treatments against bleeding

There are different treatments or remedies to prevent and prevent in the best possible way the possible appearance of blood in the gums, although it will always depend on the state of the disease.

Here we detail everything in greater depth.

Sangrado de encías e higiene dental

Better dental hygiene

It is very important to brush our teeth in the proper way and also use dental floss or the different types of mouthwash we have available today.

Thanks to it we will achieve that the inflammation of the gums diminishes gradually and we will avoid in the best possible way the risk of being able to get to suffer periodontal disease.

In those cases in which such bleeding is continuous or excessive it will be convenient to go to your trusted dental clinic and place yourself in the hands of an expert in periodontology.

No one better than him to assess your case in particular and always offer you the best solutions against the bleeding of your gums.

Select the best toothbrush for you

The toothbrush is an essential tool to carry a proper oral hygiene, so you can prevent the occurrence of any type of dental disease.

That is why you can consider getting an electric brush for your daily hygiene.

Sangrado de encías cepillos eléctricos

They come equipped with soft bristles and are ideal to reach access to those corners of our oral cavity that with a traditional brush could not reach.

Also, for those people who suffer from tooth sensitivity, it is better to use your toothbrush in a much smoother way, even massaging the area to be treated, which will eliminate the possible bacterial plaque in the best way.

How to prevent its appearance

There are certain habits of life and health that can help you and much to alleviate the oral bleeding you suffer like the ones listed below:

Have a healthy and balanced diet: for it it will be enough with which you can reduce the ingestion of sugar, that helps too much to the formation of the dreaded bacterial plaque. For this, it is essential that you eat more vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. You can use fruit such as lemon, orange or grapefruit, which contain large doses of vitamin C.

If you need vitamin K, then it is best to take pears or kiwis. Thanks to these fruits you will greatly favor the health of your reddened gums.

Sangrado de encías y el tabaco

Try not to smoke if you are a smoker: tobacco is full of different types of toxins that directly attack our gums. That is why smokers usually suffer from periodontal disease without excessive bleeding since tobacco prevents them from bleeding and give us the warning to be able to treat them in time.

Clean your tongue daily: keep in mind that in our language a large number of bacteria that cause this type of disease accumulate. It is therefore essential to keep your tongue always clean and fresh.

Ingest a lot of water with the H2O we get to correctly eliminate a large number of bacteria of all kinds that can generate other problems such as bad breath.

If you suffer from bleeding in the gums and do not know how to eliminate it or prevent its appearance, come to our Murcia Dental Clinic that we will be happy to help you.


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